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IA1 Midori IA1 Config IA1 DLink USB Ethernet Adapter
How not to use the Compaq IA-1 - the unofficial IA-1 hacking site
This is the site that set off a little project at the Guardian's facilities: the hacking of a $99 obsolete MSN Companion internet appliance known as the Compaq IA-1.
Midori for the Iopener and IA-1
One of the many Linux images available for the IA-1, Midori for the IA-1 (M4I) seems to be one of the most up-to-date, better maintained distribution out there.
From the web site:
M4I is a variant of Transmeta's Midori Embedded Linux that was customized for the Iopener Network appliance and the very similar Compaq IA-1 (also known as "MSN Companion"). It is a fully-functional linux distribution that fits into 16MB of flash memory.
[Please send me an email if you know of any other active/exciting IA-1 distro projects - it's cool to see what Linux (and other systems) can do on as limited device as the IA-1!]
*Note: I have had limited success creating usable compact flash images that are 16 Mb in size using dskprobe.exe with my USB card reader/writer under Windows 2000. However, using 'dd' under ASP Linux works flawlessly (on the same dual-boot system).
Step by Step - How to get access to the IA-1 BIOS (Local Copy)
Great illustrated step-by-step instructions to acccessing the BIOS on your IA-1. You'll need to reset the BIOS to its defualt state if you're going to install alternative images on the internal SAN Disk - such as the Midori mentioned above.
Setting up Rasmus' Jailbait with Windows 2000 (Local Copy)
These site helped the Guardian's techs get started on this project (via These instructions can be generalized to work with any image appropriate for the Compaq IA-1. Because of the imaging problems mentioned above, we've had to improvise after the ELTORITO step; but, this doc is definately essential reading for the novice IA-1 hacker.
Yuan's iPaq IA-1 Site
This site is great if you have access to both a DOS and Linux environment.
From the web site:
This document records the step-by-step procedures I used to make my Compaq MSN Companion iPaq IA-1 to boot to Jailbait which was installed in a 16MB external Compact Flash card, and configured it to work with my home network.

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